Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Everyone has fears of each and sometimes the feared object is unique for several people.

Yes, I'm a person with astraphobia. I most can’t deal with thunderstorms. Seriously, I can’t handle them! Each heavy rain I would immediately paranoid, do not dare to look out the window and direct attach headphones to hear the song with the volume loud enough. I am a person who likes to drizzle and rain. But when the storm comes, things could turn 180 degrees. I was busy looking for a place to hide the soundproof or closing head with a pillow and blanket in the room.

My fears this started when I was SMK, when I was walking home with my friends, suddenly heavy rain accompanied by lightning comes, then we take shelter in front of the houses around our school, suddenly lightning struck right beside me, clearly visible rays and Thunder sounds blaring, I panic and shocked until cry out of fear.

Since that time, I always panic and fear when there is lightning. Actually this is very frustrating for myself and those around me. But until now I haven’t been able to eliminate my fear against lightning.

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  1. Baru mampir udah suka sama tulisannya kak :)