Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Family

I'm just an ordinary girl who was born of an ordinary family. I was the eldest of three brothers. My father was a private employee and my mother is a housewife. We all had 21 years living in Bekasi, precisely in Tambun.

Lots of ups and downs that we had together. I always hope that my family is always together even under any circumstances. But, all hope is destroyed, my parents split up. Anger, hate and ego can't longer to be appeased. The presence of a third person is the main cause of all the problems that exist.

My mother is very strong woman, although her heart broken and sore, but she always looks tough, never cry in front of us. I know, every night she prayed in prostration, pour out her heart to Allah, crying over at her sajadah, because her heart was so sick.

Now, I live in this house with my mother and my lil brothers, without father figure in our side. Somehow he did bear this all to us. I also feel devastated over this separation. But, perhaps Allah has prepared a wonderful story for us someday. Aamiin

                                   Rafika Damayanti

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