Saturday, July 25, 2015

Koleris at Pychology

Koleris generally have:

* Glad to lead, make decisions, dynamic and active
* It requires a change and to correct errors
* Strong-willed and sure to achieve the goals / targets
* Free and independent
* Dare to face the challenges and problems
* "Today should be better than yesterday, tomorrow must be better than today".
* Looking for solving practical and fast moving
* Delegating work and orientation focuses on productivity
* Creating and setting goals
* Driven by the challenge and the challenge
* Not so need a friend
* Want to lead and organize
* Usually right and has a vision for the future
* Excellence in emergencies

* Not impatient and angry (coarse and not tactical)
* Glad ruled
* Too passionate and not / difficult to relax
* Liking controversy and contention
* Too stiff and strong / hard
* Do not like tears and emotions unsympathetic
* Do not like the trivial and rambling / too detailed
* Often making a hasty decision
* Manipulate and demanding of others, tend to manipulate others
* Justify any means to achieve the goal
* Workaholics (work is "god" of his)
* It is hard to plead guilty and apologize

* It may always be right but unpopular

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