Saturday, July 25, 2015

Melancholy at Psychology

* Analytical, deep, and full of thoughts
* Serious and aims, and oriented schedule
* Artistic, musical and creative (philosophy and poetic)
* Sensitive
* Want to sacrifice themselves and idealistic
* High standards and a perfectionist
* Glad details / itemize, diligent, self-discipline and regular (neat)
* Save
* Looking at solving problems and finding creative solutions (often too creative)
* When it started, is completed.
* Make friends with caution.
* Satisfied behind the scenes, avoiding attention.
* Want to hear complaints, faithful and devoted
* It is caring for others

* Tend to look at the problem from the negative side (moody and depressed)
* Given the negative and vindictive
* Easy to feel guilty and have a low self-image
* More emphasis on how rather than the achievement of goals
* Depressed on the situation imperfect and fickle
* Skipping a lot of time to analyze and plan (if..if..if ..)
* The standard is too high so hard to please
* Life is based on the definition
* Difficult to socialize
* Artisan criticism, but is sensitive to criticism / fulminatory himself
* It is difficult to express feelings (likely to withhold affection)
* Taste suspect a big (skeptical of praise)
* Requires approval

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