Saturday, July 25, 2015

Plegmatis at Psychology

* Easy going, relaxed, calm and resolute
* Patience, balanced, and a good listener
* Not much to say, but tend wise
* Sympathetic and kind (often hide emotions)
* Strong in the field of administration, and tend to want everything organized
* Arbitration problem that good
* Tend trying to find the easiest way
* Good under pressure
* Fun and does not like to offend
* Sense of humor sharp reply
* Nice to see and supervise
* Merciful and caring
* Easy invited to harmony and peace

* Less enthusiastic, especially to the changes / new activities
* Fear and worry
* Avoid conflict and responsibility
* Stubborn, difficult compromises (as was true)
* Too shy and reserved
* Dry humor and mocking (sarcastically)
* Lack of goal-oriented
* It's hard to motivate yourself to move and less
* More like a spectator than engaging
* Not happy jostled
* Procrastination / hang problem.

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