Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sanguinis of Phychology

* Like to talk
* Physically holds the listener, emotional and demonstrative
* Enthusiastic and expressive
* Cheerful and full of curiosity
* Living in the present
* Easily change (lots of activities / desire)
* Be sincere and childish
* Glad to gather and gather (to meet and talk)
* Generally, great on the surface
* Easy to friends and love others
* Pleased with the praise and wants to be a concern
* Fun and envied others
* Easy to forgive (and do not hold grudges)
* Take initiative / escape from things or circumstances are boring
* Liking things spontaneous

* Voice and laugh hard (too hard)
* Exaggerating a thing / event
* It's hard to be silent
* Easy bandwagon or controlled by the state or others (like nge-Gank)
* Frequently requested consent, including the trivial matters
* RKP! (Range of Concentration Short)
* In working rather talk and forget obligation (initially just enthusiastic)
* Easily changeable
* Hard to arrive on time office hours
* Priority chaotic activity
* Dominate the conversation, like interrupts and hard to listen to the complete
* Often taking the problems of others, be as though the problem
* Selfish
* Frequent quibble and repeating the same stories
* Concentrate on "How to spend money" rather than "How to earn / save money".

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